Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Taniwha

My Taniwha

Name: rainbow Tiki rainbow Tiki lives in the clouds so whenever it rains she will poop out rainbows and that is how she makes rainbows. My rainbow Tiki lives alone but has many family members. Rainbow Tiki loves to making rainbows and spending time in the sky.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Sina and the Eel



I gaze  into this mystical jewellery Box that I open with my wrinkly hands there was light, that shone and reflected on my rounded shaped glasses. Crash, another piece of junk toppled down but Easter was to addicted to the glowing ring that was mesmerising.  No,No,No No I can’t find anything that I want it’s so annoying I am so mad there are loads of mountain piles but nothing has appeared to what I like. Living in a junk pile is so much better than living in the city ‘as I walk in my home I start placing my new .  She quietly walked to her grey couch that she found very comfortable and put together everything she had collected. Relaxing back in my couch Easter watches her remarkable lights that shimmer above her. As the days go on Easter wonders if she could find more bright things. I wonder if someone will find me and understand why i’m here?